We are about getting you results. Dent Trainer understands the struggle it takes to learn PDR. Our platform was built to help reduce the frustration while building your confidence.

  • Structured learning at your pace so you have no big investment upfront.

  • With over 45 years of PDR experience, we know a ding or two because we seen a dent or two.

  • We built Dent Trainer with marketing in mind. You'll get top notch courses on the latest social media and branding.

It all started..

A brief story how Dent Trainer was created

Before Dent Trainer, there wasn't a good, structured way to learn PDR. Heck even some in-person PDR schools didn't have a good solid foundation for PDR training. In 2012, Dent Trainer was created with the world's first online PDR training tutorial site.

Dent Trainer was officially launched in Spring of 2013. It has been the go-to for staying up to date with the current PDR techniques, tools and marketing. 

Today, Dent Trainer is committed to keep you up to speed on all parts of the PDR industry. Our mission is simple. 

"Transform the way students learn and grow online by giving them the resources and tools they need to turn their expertise into a profitable business that impacts both them and their customers"

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Our team has created a seamless and structured way to learn paintless dent removal online. Learn PDR without high finance risk and see if it's right for you.
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Built for newbies and veteran PDR techs alike

Dent Trainer wanted to ensure there is something for everyone. No matter what your learning curve, you can assure you'll be taught something new.

Don't take our word for it

“What can I say? Without Dent Trainer, I would have still been bussing tables and not loving what I do. This online course has not only changed my income but my life! Worth every penny! ”

“Dent trainer has been a lifesaver for me personally without it I wouldn't be the Dent technician I am today. It's filled with all information you will need to start your career as a Dent technician and even help you scale your new or existing business in a way you would never imagine. From small door dings to big smash Dent Trainer will give you the guidance and confidence you will need to turn out great work. Highly recommend for any tech experienced or inexperienced.”

“If you are an entry-level PDR tech or a vetern dent tech that has been pushing for a while and can't advance past a certain level… Dent Trainer will get you there guaranteed. You'll be amazed with the very detailed explained videos. It helped me get to the level of where I am in my business today. Try it yourself and be prepared to be impressed!!”