Course curriculum

    1. About The Tools and Panels Course

    1. A message from the instructor

    2. Before we begin...

    1. Mega Main Tool List Overview Breakdown

    1. Door Panel Tools Intro

    2. Window Wedges and Guard

    3. Paddle Tools

    4. Flat Bar

    5. Soft Tip Tools and Handles

    6. Sharp Tools and Others

    7. Wedge Lights

    8. Shaved, Whale Tails and Wire Tools

    9. Myke's Top 5 Door Tools To Purchase

    10. Rear Door Access and Tools

    11. Upper Door Brace Tools

    12. General Truck Bed Access

    13. Let's See If You Paid Attention..

    1. Suggested Fender Tools Explained

    2. Dive Deeper W/ The Fender Tools

    3. Late 2020 Fender Tools w/ PDR Student

    4. Tech Tip Fender Liner

    5. Top 3 Fender Tools You Don't Leave Without

    6. Tools and Accessory List

    1. Tools Needed

    2. Quarter Panel Intro

    3. Shaved Tools & Rods

    4. Screw On Tips

    5. Sharp Tools

    6. Stanliner & Reaper Rod

    7. Accessories

About this course

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Hi everyone! My name is Myke Toledo and I'm super passionate about PDR. I'm even more excited about helping you to have the same passion as me in this PDR Industry. I founded Dent Trainer to support and engage with people regarding paintless dent removal so they don't feel confused and alone with this issue. Our goal is to bring you the utmost professional learning experience that you can have and do it at your own pace. We hope to inspire and motivate you to a level that you haven't reached before. Thanks for stopping by and hope you really enjoy Dent Trainer.

Myke Toledo

Co-Creator / PDR Instructor