Course curriculum

  • 01

    History of Glue Pulling

    • Intro - Getting Started

    • Tools Needed

    • Test your learning

  • 02

    Glue Pull Process

    • Mini Lifter Pull and Tips

    • Mini Lifter Crease Repair

    • Mini Lifter Door Pull

    • Testing Your Knowledge

  • 03

    Slide Hammer Repair

    • Slide Hammer Door Pull

  • 04

    Deep Ding Pulls

    • Getting Good Pulls

    • Tapping Down Sharp Highs

  • 05

    Big Pulls With Big Dents

    • Big Dent Pulling

  • 06

    Glue Guns, Tabs and Glue

    • Glue Guns Explained

    • Glue Tabs Explained

    • PDR Glue Explained

  • 07

    Resources (Download)

    • Summary

    • Glue Pull 101 Manual

    • Before you go...

Myke Toledo

Instructor Bio:

Hey everyone! My name is Myke Toledo and I am super passionate about PDR. Matter of fact I'm even more excited to help you become the same! I helped co-found this site with my awesome business partner John Highley. Together our goal is to bring you the utmost and professional learning experience possible at your own pace. I'll always continue to help motivate you to become the best PDR tech you can. Thanks for stopping by and hope you really enjoy Dent Trainer.

Myke Toledo

Co-Creator / PDR Instructor