Superior PDR

Based from Taiwan

Jay Ma has been around the world working and training with the best teachers, instructors and obtaining certifications. His passion and team for paintless dent removal is unbelievable. You'll see much pride in their work.

Meet Jay Ma

Instructor Bio:

Hi everyone! My name is Jay Ma from Taiwan. I am so glad to have this opportunity to be part of Dent Trainer. I have been to United States and Japan working and training with the world's top teachers, instructors and technicians. To be a well-trained and experienced PDR technician, I also got a lot of technical certificates and keep joining workshops. I really love and enjoy challenging myself. Being a successful PDR technician gives me a great sense of achievement. With this platform, I would like to share my technical skills and experiences with you. I truly believe that I can provide you the best way to explore the PDR training tutorials through this distance learning platform. This is an excellent chance to let your skill and business grow. 大家好,我是來自台灣的小馬,很高興有這個機會能加入Dent Trainer並分享我的技術、技巧與工具經驗給大家。我經常到美國與日本跟世界上最頂尖的老師與技師交流並學習,也拿過許多技術證照來證明自己的實力。我很喜歡也很享受在自我挑戰的過程與結果,因為PDR這個技術真的帶給我很多成就感,所以在這個平台,我也希望能夠盡一份心力將這樣的成就帶給大家,並製作最棒的課程讓你們也能遠距離學習,幫助大家在技術與事業有所成長。

Jay Ma